I caught part of the movie, ‘Always,’ the other night. I was reminded of what a wonderful movie it is. ‘Always’ is many things; funny, touching love story, love triangle (sort of), Audrey Hepburn in her final movie role, remake of 1943’s ‘A Guy Named Joe,’ but this is not a movie review…

‘Always’ tells the story of a pilot named Pete Richard Dreyfuss, [spoiler alert, sort of] who dies and returns to the earth as a spirit with a mission. Throughout the movie, you see how he communicates with various characters in various circumstances. To me, it’s a great example of how intuition works. You see, the characters don’t know that a spirit is communicating with them.

At one point, Pete tells John Goodman’s character, Al,┬áthat his face itches. Goodman (as Al) scratches his face. He doesn’t think, “oh, I’m being told to scratch by some mysterious force.” He just scratches.

At other points, characters experience Pete’s voice as their own thoughts – which brings us back to intuition. (In this way of viewing the world,) we experience intuitive thoughts without even knowing it. We think they are our own original thoughts. And there may not be a real way to tell the two apart – unless the intuitive thought is so far removed from our own manner of thinking, or if it’s something that we have no way of knowing – except through intuition.

So, remember, the next thought you have, may not be your own. I’d love to hear any thoughts, and if this post inspires you in any way to see ‘Always’ or ‘A Guy Named Joe’ (with Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne), do it!