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Other people want to know what you think about your coaching experience. Here’s the place to leave your comments about your coaching with Marla, especially if you thought it was good. ;-)

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  1. Valerie

    Thank you Marla for the insightful coaching. I didn’t have anything in particular I wanted help with, but with your intuitive sense and brilliant questions you helped me sift thru some deep seated unconscious blocks that were holding me back from getting what I want. You placed the mirror of questions before me to help me realize I have unreachable rules of trying to perfect everything before I can move forward. Moving forward is one step at a time. Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Ellen Miller

    It HIT me in the shower about 3 hrs after we spoke… You had probed, asked questions and made some poignant comments.

    I have had coaching before. This was different. The other was with someone who was coaching for business. Your coaching is MORE focused to the core of the person. Not invasive or uncomfortable or judgmental. Like a bulb went off in my head. A piece to puzzle fit – An epiphany!

    Ellen Miller
    Adoptee Author/Producer “THE HIDDEN HEIRESS…”

  3. Renee

    Coaching with Marla has given me a more acute sense of what is truly going on with me. This allows me to tap my intuition and get guidance with more precision. In times of change this is especially important I think, as I make decisions that are life changing. Marla has a large range of techniques/ exercises, if one doesn’t feel right, she easily moves to another. I find all of them easy and productive. I believe I will move forward with a stronger sense of my true assets, preferences and power. Ultimately, take action that supports me faster than I would have without Marla as my coach.

  4. Rosemarie Crocker

    Marla guided meditation was unlike any I have ever experienced. She unblocked a major emotional barrier that had held me back from being able to focus and set career goals for myself with love and clarity. One phone conversation motivated my life for better change.

  5. Connie Henriquez

    Marla is awesome! Love her! In one session, I FINALLY discovered what was holding me back in my business after 3 years. Marla has the uncanny ability to draw out information about yourself you never knew. In fact, it wasn’t until my session with her that I realized some key information about myself and my business model. So much so, as I spoke the words I even began laughing as I knew how revealing this information was. If you are looking to move forward in your life and you have no clue how, Marla is definitely the one! Check her out, you will not be disappointed! 😉
    Connie Henriquez
    Start Loving Life!

  6. Venus

    Since working with Marla Bollak, I’ve had lots of different a-ha moments. She has a way of succinctly summing up what is going on for me. I feel like I am beginning to reclaim my sense of self and it’s been an empowering process. I am very excited to see what happens in the next few months as we continue our work together. Thanks, Marla!

  7. Brandy

    Marla’s ability to make people laugh while telling them about themselves is priceless.
    This soul truly knows how to motivate people and see where there is a blockage and clear it up.
    She is very balanced in her male/female energy and has a innate intuition and follows her guidance.
    What a giving heart she has and a splendid gift of reading energy.
    Many blessings Marla and Namaste! Zenjowday means thank you in Kogi language,


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